27 April 2010

Mary Walsh for Governor General of Canada

Ever since I read that William Shatner has a FB group dedicated to making him our next GG, I've been very annoyed. It's bad enough Trekkies are everywhere, but to appoint Captain Kirk to the highest post in Canada would be insane! Not to mention that the senile, egotistical, old fart would be tring to fire photon torpedos during the throne speech! To add a counter balance to this, I launched my own campaign:
Mary Walsh for Governor General of Canada !

I really think Mary would be an excellent fit in this position and, by appointing her, Harper would finally demonstrate that he is fair. After all, Ms. Walsh has been hyper-critical of Harper. C'mon Stephen! Do it! You know you want to!

To join the campaign, click the title of this post or copy and paste the link.

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