19 August 2010

Facebook My YouTube, Please! The New Author in New Media

Joe, I wish you all the best! If you got an advance, I hope you used it wisely and didn't waste it on liquor and women.

New technology has had little impact on the writing process - except for the ongoing fights with printers and wordprocessing software. All the change is on the delivery and marketing side. And that change is both rapid and slow, depending on where you stand. The direct to consumer model OR is following is perhaps too far ahead to be practical: consumers are not yet seeking books from publishers (this would be the slow part). My novel is not in stores (making sales low) but is on the etailers (where most of the sales have come in) and the publisher (no sales). Right now, the best shot at any sales is broad availability. Publisher direct isn't working (yet?) because readers are only looking at amazon. Even then, you have to market your butt off just to get readers to take a look, let alone scramble for their credit card.

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you tend to bleed a lot.

All the Best,

Jeff Rose-Martland

author of Game Misconduct.
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