23 April 2012

Broken Soldiers: Epilogue

Clerisy Entertainment's Broken Soldiers has been running on Eastlink-TV and one may be left wondering what happened to Fabien Melanson.  Here's what happened:
What Happened to the Hunger Striker?

The Our Duty website is have some technical problems, so I am re-posting this here.

If you want to help Fabien, you can give by:

Paypal/email transfer to fabien@ourduty.org

Donations can be made at  TD Bank
Transit #: 05023
Institution #: 004
Account #: 6418137
Name: Jeff Rose-Martland for Fabien Melanson

Cheques & Money Orders
Payable to: Jeff Rose-Martland for Fabien Melanson

Send to: Fix Fabien's House
4 Neville Pl.
St. John's, NL
A1E 2E7

(Regarding the Our Duty site - we seem to have bee caught up in the Google java-browser-hijack along with 20,000 other sites.  If you try to get to ourduty.org via facebook link or a search engine, you get security warnings and/or nothing.  If you click here: http://ourduty.org I hope you will get there.  If not, copy/paste the address into your browser and you will get there fine.  The site itself is safe, the hijacking/malware appears to occurs when coming in from facebook or search engines.  We are working on fixing that.)

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  1. That is not kool at all and we need to get something off the ground to help This Hero that should be treated or live like this well we sit in our nice home sleep in a real bed he sleeps on a cot not kool. I think it time people stood up and got of there ASS that havent in the pass and help this Hero so im going to look into doing something. I wish of known more of this long time ago this is why i do what i do raise money to help VETS so i have a piture singed by a Leaf player that i will auction of and the highest bidder will get and all money will be donated to him, this is not and if u dont win this item give it to him because he is a Hero that needs are help ASAP and anyone that knows people where he is that can get his house back up get on it because your liking your Freedom because this Hero gave it to you all VETS did and to people that have helpped him GOD BLESS!!!!